Our Services

We offer many different services here at SCmedia. If you ask us, we think every single one of them is critical to every project. However, we know that every company has limitations. We’re happy to work with you to put together the best package to ensure your are comfortable, confident, and clapping when it’s all said and done. Nearly every project we work on has it’s own specific challenges, but we work hard to overcome those challenges and provide you with the best possible solution. Want some more info? Contact Us

In general, there are four main costs associated with owning a website:

Domain Name – This is your www.com, .us, .net, or .org address that is specific to you and your site.  There is an annual charge for this ranging between $20-$100 annually, although some domains are much more expensive.

Site Construction – cost of building varies by project.

Hosting- We are Godaddy resellers and have access to the best Godaddy servers available.  We have the most advanced hosting package that Godaddy offers which allows us to meet or beat Godaddy pricing AND give the same server quality, as well as provide a more attentive and superior customer service.  Hosting plans run from $120-500/annually.

Maintenance – If you have a website, you are going to want to make changes.  You’ll also need to update the website software and content files to continually stay with Google’s best practice standards.  We can add the maintenance plan in several ways.  Hourly billing in half hours or Monthly- price varies depending on scope.

We Offer Complete Turn-key Web, Digital, and Print Solutions

We specialize in turn-key web solutions for both business and personal use. We take away the complicated jargon and give a straightforward plan to tackle your internet and design needs. We discuss budget up front so that there are no surprises, and YES we can work with any budget!  Let us know what you need, and we can build it in an efficient and timely manner.

Our Services:

Domain Registration – We can register the client’s domain for an annual fee very similar to Godaddy.

Hosting – A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the internet.  Common web hosting companies include Godaddy, Network Solutions, One&One.

We offer Hosting for all websites whether they were built by us or someone else.  We prefer to host every site that we build as our servers are setup correctly, utilizing the proper tools to run a successful website. For instance, we have more advanced security and backup features than most hosting companies offer with their basic packages.  We pay a premium for these services and pass along the benefits to our clients without added cost.  You’ll see that our hosting prices are very similar to a basic Godaddy package.

Pricing starts at $20/month.

New Website Build – We build sites utilizing the most solid framework on the market and build with Google’s Best Practices at the forefront our our design.   Our sites are clean and simple to ensure a long lasting internet presence that clients can be proud of.  We start by collecting any existing credential info via the credential spreadsheet.  We also need the following items:

  • Any Logo or graphics currently being used (preferably .psd or .ai format)
  • Information – We need to corral all of the info pertinent to the new site.  We can use an existing site to pull info from, but if this is not available we need a documented email with any slogans or content to be included on the new site.
  • Images to be included on new site.  If you have any image files please send them via Dropbox.

Note: it is always best to keep emails in one continuous thread to have a running warehouse of all info needed for the site.

Prices starting at $4,000.

Current Website Revamp –  We will need the current login credentials for the existing site.  It is imperative that our designers look at the current site and provide the best case recommendation for improvement.  Some sites will be better candidates for this than others.  If a site is built with a web builder program like Wix, we will recommend moving away from that service and starting new.

Pricing starts at $3,000.  

Maintenance –  We can maintain and make edits to any site provided we have the login credentials.  We provide Annual and one time maintenance charges.  This keeps the backend software and frame updates current as well as keeps backups of the site monthly, daily, or hourly depending on the scope of the site.

Prices start at $120/month.  

Security – For sites that have viruses or spam issues.  All of the sites we build are set to the highest security standards from the start and then settings are configured depending on the scope of services.  For instance, SEO services require the site to be less secure, so security is set to actively search and destroy possible infections.

Prices start at $50/month.

Search Engine Optimization –  Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) — including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

We dedicate a number of hours each week to analyzing and determining the best practices for keeping the site highly visible on all search engines.  We do this by adhering to Google’s best practices of web design, submitting the site for Google crawlers to catalog, and replacing and rearranging pertinent keywords according to new content delivered.  We send monthly SEO reports detailing maintenance/security/SEO results.

Monthly Plans:

SEO & Maintenance Plans

Basic: We perform basic Search Engine Optimization to have your sites show up on search engines. Included in this package is basic updates and quarterly website monitoring. You will receive monthly traffic reports analyzing specific data related to your website. Included in this page is optimization of 5 posts and 5 pages targeting specific keywords that will help attract new visitors.

Standard: We monitor your website monthly to make sure your website is backed up and fully updated. Additionally, we will perform more in-depth SEO services to improve your search rankings. Optimization of 10 posts and 10 pages using specific targeted keywords. Also included: detailed traffic reports.

Premium: This all-inclusive plan provides you with the best support we offer. We provide search engine optimization, weekly updates, weekly monitoring, yearly website performance review, and any changes to the website you see fit. We will optimize all posts and pages on your website to cast the largest net possible to help with growth in ranking the most popular search engines. Also included: detailed traffic reports.

Basic Standard Premium
$650/month $1200/month $1800/month

Social Media Integration-

Our Social Media Integration service maintains your social media platforms. We brand your profiles to match your website, and post news items that are engaging to users on these platforms. Additionally, we direct traffic from these platforms to your website. Included in this is cross-posting news articles on the website as well as your social media platforms to maintain brand consistency and customer engagement. Below are the rates based on post frequency of news articles:

Monthly Bi-Weekly Weekly
$150/month $200/month $300/month

Google Integration-  This is the process of adding your business to Google My business and Google Maps, which helps digital users find your brick and mortar location.

One Time Fee Updates
$150 $65/hour


What we need to get started:

  • The first thing we need is to know where the site will be hosted. Refer to the Hosting section above as we would prefer to host sites that we build and maintain, although we are fluent in most server environments and can deal with whatever comes our way.  I do believe that the servers that we provide through our godaddy resellers account are superior to any other system available and are a necessity for the higher end responsive sites.  If the client has an existing hosting platform (godaddy, network solutions, blue host, etc) we need the credentials associated with this account.
  • We need access to the domain.  If there wasn’t a previous domain, we can purchase the domain. Alternatively, The domain could be registered with one of many registrants. You can find out who it is registered with by doing a Whois search.  If the client already has the domain, we need credentials to the account so that we can point the name servers to the new site.
  • Logo – a high resolution logo file. Preferably a photoshop document, adobe illustrator, or .eps file. A high red png or jpg will also work.
  • Images or graphics to be used – Are there high res photos that we have for the business? If not , we own an extensive library of stock images.
  • Text Content – if there is an existing site, we will transfer all of the existing info over. That would be the starting point and used as a placeholder while building the site.  It can be edited as needed.
  • Any other General Info
    What tabs do we want for the main navigation bar?
    Is the contact info correct?
    Where will we send contact forms?
    Social Media Credentials?